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14 Dec 2018

Leveling Up: Finding the Right Fit for a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

This award-winning project is one of our favorites! We had previously installed a pool and patio for this client. When our clients expressed their desire to create an outdoor living space as an extension of those features, we were happy to create this beautiful backyard oasis! We faced some challenges that were important to address…. Read More

31 May 2018
Custom made stainless steel cabinets, overhead structure and grill

Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Environment

Redbud Development Inc. is a landscape design and construction company specializing in the custom design and quality installation of residential improvement projects. With a creative and collaborative approach, their designers help clients imagine and build outdoor living environments that connect seamlessly with the interior and reflect their personality and lifestyle. Pools, outdoor kitchens, stone patios and wooden… Read More

21 Apr 2015

Landscape Design, Blend the Barriers of Interior and Exterior

Published in Clifton Park Living Magazine As winter releases its grip, and as an antidote to cabin fever, many homeowners begin the landscape design process to make improvements to their landscape spaces. You dream about having a drink with friends on the pool patio and grilling steaks on the BBQ in your new outdoor kitchen…. Read More

03 Jan 2012

Landscape Design During the Winter? – Yes!!!

It’s winter – the mercury is dropping and the snow is settling in, reminding us that the warm days of spring and the break of the forsythia buds is a long way off. So why should I be contemplating landscape design work now? Some of you who have already completed an intricate landscaping project know… Read More

06 May 2011

Wetlands in our Environment

Most people are only slightly aware of the natural world around them; they take for granted the beauty and importance of nature. We are fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the Northeast. The Saratoga and Southern Adirondack region provides ever-changing views of distant hillsides with spectacular lakes, rivers,… Read More

06 May 2011

When to Involve a Landscape Architect: Sooner rather than Later

When designing a new house or renovating an existing home, the design and build process can be lengthy and sometimes overwhelming. Decisions need to be made constantly. The style of home, the square footage, the floor plan and the building materials are usually of the utmost concern. Coupled with the daily requirements of work, family… Read More

06 May 2011

The Landscape of Technology

Gone are the days of simply putting together some plants and grass and calling it a landscape. Today’s landscapes integrate technology along with plant materials in exciting ways, from built-in barbeques, pools, spas and multifunction athletic courts to customized outdoor audio, lighting, security, and irrigation systems. More than being used as a finished element in… Read More

05 May 2011

Saratoga Today – Let’s Meet Redbud Development!

Five years ago, Geff and Karen Redick decided that the time was finally right to realize the dream. A graduate from Cornell University in 1993 with a degree in Landscape Architecture, Redick has over 15 years of experience in the landscape design field, having worked for several award-winning landscaping firms in Long Island and Glens… Read More

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