One of the biggest requests we get for yard design projects is creating space for our clients to entertain their guests! This client requested an entertainment space for up to 15 people, preferably covered to provide shade from the hot sun. They also desired privacy from current and future neighbors to be naturally woven into the design. A key factor in the design of this project included potential renovations down the road: our clients wanted a structure that could also be screened in sometime in the future.


It was important to our client to maintain the views to the forever wild space at the rear of their house.  A hot tub was a consideration, but not a necessity. With the right budget, we were able to work both of these features into this beautiful design!


The design focused on the attached roofed structure and providing the open and airy feeling that the clients wished for. Skylights and recessed LED lights ensure the space is not too dark, and a cable rail system with cedar support posts and a cedar hand rail provides an unobstructed view to the backyard and nature beyond.

The upper and lower decks were finished with Trex and blind fastened, and a custom privacy panel was installed on the east side of the structure. A hot tub was installed over a reinforced concrete slab and is easily accessible from the lower deck. Planting beds and plant material with seasonal interest surround the decks, and an additional planting bed was installed along the rear slope of the yard to lessen the effect.

Working on this project was incredible from start to finish. When our clients get everything on their wish list, it brings so much joy to the work we do. If you’re interested in starting a yard design project, contact us today for more information.