At Redbud, we always tell our clients that collaboration is key.  We encourage open communication with clients and any other interested party such as an architect, interior designer, builder, etc.
But imagine the task of open communication with 800 children on designing their new playground!! This is process that has been perfected over many years in communities all over the nation by Leathers and Associates – a process that Redbud is proud to be taking part in with Greenfield Elementary. Making this all the more interesting is the amazing coincidence that Geff, our Landscape Architect, began his career with an internship at this very same company almost 20 years ago!

This will be a year-long process of tweeking the design and organizing the community build.  Similar to our philosophy, Leathers and Associates likes to stay involved in the build and see the design through to completion.  This helps to make sure that the vision of the design is maintained as well as the construction detail.

Greenfield Elementary school will need both financial support and donations of time and muscle from the community to make this new playground happen.  Anyone interested in helping out by purchasing either a personalized engraved picket or a hand decorated tile can do so by visiting
You can also get more information about volunteering your time and energy or simply follow the progress of this awesome project.