Many breeds of dogs LOVE to swim.  A quick jump in the lake or stream to retrieve a stick will certainly cool them down in this heat.  But what about in the backyard pool? Can the family dog enjoy a quick dip in pool with you?  Yes, they can, but with some considerations.

First, make sure your dog is introduced to the pool and knows how to get in and out safely.  As with children, never leave them unattended in the water.  You will also need to pay more attention to the chlorine and pH levels and sanitize the pool more often because the dogs will bring more dirt, fecal matter, insects, body oils, etc. to the pool.  And all that dog hair has to go somewhere! You will need to skim the water more but the hair and lint pot (part of most pumps) and/or the filter (sand, DE or cartridge) will end up with the majority of the lost hair. Dog fur will get caught in the pool equipment and may result in  more frequent service or replacement of parts.  And when the dogs are done you should rinse them thoroughly since their skin and eyes are just as sensitive, if not more, to the drying effects of chlorine.

So enjoy the warm weather while we have it and spoil your pets!