Many people assume that “landscape design” or “landscape contractor” is strictly a Come-Plant-Me-Some-Shrubs-Or-Flowers venture.While much time is spent on choosing and arranging the proper plant material for each specific site, I would say that roughly 80% of a typical project is geared toward the hardscape or construction elements and the remaining 20% is embellishment with the living and breathing softscape components.

For example, right now Redbud is working on a project where the homeowner is getting a true Curb Appeal makeover. Redbud is building a new front entrance gable to highlight the new front door we will be installing. This gable will have columns and the roof ties in to the existing garage roof. There will be a bead board ceiling and a sunburst design with trim, fascia, soffits, etc… All the windows on the façade of the house will have the siding removed and new 4” pine trim boards installed and painted. The bare concrete landing is being dressed up with dimensional bluestone and brick veneer and a new dimensional bluestone walkway will lead visitors, and the eye, to the new focal point of the house.

All of this is in conjunction with the removal of the older shrubs from the front foundation – to be replaced with a combination of new trees, shrubs and perennials – giving the house a total curb appeal makeover.