As summer is in full swing, we hope you have taken some time off to relax and enjoy yourself – preferably in the great outdoors! Weekends are great but our bodies and our psyche really need a longer period of time to achieve a state of true rest. So treat yourself to some time off of work and get revitalized!

Over many years in this seasonal industry we have noticed that there is indeed a lull in the chaotic frenzy of summer activities around the month of August.  We hope that this is an indicator of that period of rest… ie, vacation! We also notice that clients prefer to start their projects right away in early Spring in hopes of completing the project by the onset of summer weather or they will delay the start of work until the end of summer so that they do not have to live in a construction zone – both solid and logical options.

But in reality, what does “start” a project mean? Most consider it to be when the actual construction begins. You need to keep in mind that in order to begin construction there are several weeks of planning and scheduling and sometimes permits processes to get through.  So, as you are relaxing in your yard and planning a project for later this summer or even first thing next spring, please remember to start early.  Proper planning always results in a better outcome and can even save you time and money!