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Bolton Landing – Featured Project


Our invitation to this residence was to consult on the potential of developing a water feature to be installed with the pool that was partially under construction.

The initial consultation meeting revealed the following needs and desires: maximize the 180 degree plus views toward the northern and southern ends of Lake George, develop patio spaces sufficient to entertain numerous guests and parties, enhance privacy from the pool area and the neighbors to the north, integrate the existing boulder outcroppings into the overall scheme, address surface water issues from the driveway and house which impacted the space, develop and maintain a strong visual connection between the upper deck and pool space, integrate a water feature that would spill into the pool providing for both a visual and audio effect as well as other miscellaneous elements.

A preliminary design was developed incorporating all of the elements as listed above as well as many others that came to light during the design process, as they often do. This design was reviewed with the client and a number of enhancements were considered and implemented.

As seen in the project pictures, the design incorporated a water fall, constructed of massive slabs of Corinthian Granite, spilling into the deep end of the pool and. One large patio space was built to provide for a seating area with views to the lake that would not be obstructed by tables and chairs. Much of this patio was surrounded by natural boulder outcroppings as well as the granite water feature giving it an intimate feeling. The pool fencing was allowed to be exposed only in areas where it was either to the rear or sides of where people would be sitting. Any fencing between the pool and the lake was purposefully placed far down the slope so that it would not be visible while still meeting state pool code requirements. Views from the upper deck off of the house toward the pool and water feature were maintained, tree thinning and under growth removal was done to maximize views to Lake George. Careful grading was performed to direct surface water from the driveway and roof water from the roof of the house away and around the pool.

Upon approval of the design and the necessary permits granted, construction began in earnest with the removal of trees and associated scrub growth. Rough grading was performed to begin to direct surface drainage away from the pool. As the completion of the pool neared the water feature was constructed along with the Brussels block patio. Fine grading was then performed and then the installation of a significant portion of the plant materials which included Weeping Birch, Weeping Siberian Pea, Climbing Hydrangea, Endless Summer Hydrangea, Miss Kim Lilacs, Creeping Sedums, Sedum Autumn Joy, Purple Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Astilbe and many others. Synchronized with the installation of the perennials was the integration of a low voltage lighting system as well as an automatic irrigation system. The fencing was then completed and finally sod and mulch installed.

The design work occurred during early spring 2006, construction commenced in early summer and was completed in approximately 6 weeks.


The site was comprised of significant amounts of bedrock and the only advantageous location for the pool required that it be set in an area significantly lower than the existing driveway. These elements combined to be challenging in how to control water flow.

In addition, this location also resulted in the pool being in full view of the neighbors to the north as well as very close to the driveway. This required careful thought relative to privacy.

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