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Glenmont – Featured Project

Blurring the Lines in Glenmont

Early on in the design development of this project, we knew we had a really unique opportunity to create a space that was going to need its own name. We were working with the clients to design a space that would be a sun room. No, a pool cabana. Maybe a media room…or was it a family room, a breakfast space or possibly a four-season room?

We knew one thing for certain—the room was going to serve many functions and be versatile enough for it to flex with the seasons.

Our goal with this and many of the projects we create is to blur the lines between the interior and exterior. We want to help our clients engage with the outdoor world when inside, and appreciate the inside when out. We have always believed that these spaces do not have to be mutually exclusive—instead, they should flow and blend together.

We want to help our clients engage with the outdoor world when inside, and appreciate the inside when out.

Pool Cabana
In the summer, this indoor outdoor room primarily acts as a pool cabana. The massive glass pocket doors are just feet from the pool, and the slightly elevated perch creates a unique relationship to the outside. Open the doors, flip the cushions on the couch and simply sit inside and feel like you are outside. At the same time, guests and family can float in the pool and look right inside to watch the game on the large flat screen television while listening to it on outdoor speakers.

Want a drink from the bar? Don’t worry about having wet feet and walking inside for a drink because the tile floor can handle it. The half bath is just as easy to get to for the kid who just jumped into the pool and realized, “Oh, no! I have to go potty . . .”

Want to slip into the hot tub for a few minutes on a cool summer evening or after a long bike ride? Go ahead.

How about preparing a meal at the simple outdoor cooking space and eating on the patio? Don’t have enough room on the patio for neighbors who just showed up? That’s ok—there is plenty of additional seating in the cabana at the small table and raised bar.

Family Room
It’s time to call the kids in for an evening movie. Close the sliding doors, flip the audio to interior mode and enjoy the movie on the flat screen. The bar and quaint breakfast table are great for staging popcorn and drinks.

A Space That Can Be Used Year Round
Let’s consider we are deeper into the season and getting ready to host Thanksgiving. Need more dining space? No problem—simply open up the dining room doors, add a table in the new room and every enjoys the time together. Need to pass dishes into the main kitchen sink? Open the oversized window and there it is.

Not only does this space blur the lines between indoors and outdoors; this indoor outdoor room is designed to be used year round. A truly unique, and functional, space.

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