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Lake George – Featured Project


This project initially started with the owner’s desire for an outdoor kitchen that would provide them a place to cook and entertain outdoors. After a few design meetings and discussions, the focus expanded to the entire site.


The property is located on the southern portion of Lake George and has been in the family for several generations. The owners wanted to make improvements to the overall site to better accommodate their needs and desires. The property has a very narrow approach from the street (only 18 feet wide) which then expands to 250 linear feet along the lake shore. The owners had a set wish list of improvements but were also concerned with limiting their exposure on the lake side. They wanted to blend into the lake and also take appropriate steps to protect the lake for future generations.

Goals & Desires/ Design Components

  • New two car garage with covered walkway from the house to the garage
  • Significantly smaller driveway as compared to the original drive
  • Expanded screened porch large enough to accommodate the growing family and guests
  • Patio and outdoor cooking space associated with the screened porch
  • New retaining wall at the lake shore to replace a dilapidated and dangerous stone wall
  • Enhance views to the lake while not becoming too exposed to passersby
  • General landscape elements such as simple retaining walls, plantings and low voltage lighting
  • Miscellaneous elements

The complexity of the project and the strict rules defined by the local governing bodies including the Adirondack Park Agency, Department of Environmental Conservation, Town of Queensbury and miscellaneous other entities necessitated that Redbud develop a number of conceptual designs to be reviewed by these organizations and then collaborate with a structural engineer and a storm water management engineer to prepare and ultimately receive the necessary approvals for construction.

Construction Administration

The project required approximately 22 different professionals to construct the work including carpenters, masons, excavators, plumbers, landscape contractors, asphalt installers, electricians and many others. Redbud coordinated and oversaw all aspects of construction on behalf of the owner with a project start in April and completed in October (approximately 7 months).

Benefits/ Lessons Learned

The successful implementation of this project was due in part to many trades working together to develop a comprehensive design and to facilitate the construction.

  • Design goals and budgets were established early on and maintained throughout the total project
  • Constant communication with the owners ensured that the ultimate design goal was achieved
  • Scheduling and integration of numerous trades working together as a collaborative team ultimately resulted in very satisfied clients and a finished project of the highest quality
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