Just like on the fashion runway, the exterior landscape has trends and fads that come and go.  Wouldn’t you spend more time outside relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family if you spruced up the place a little bit?  Nobody likes to eat alone! Invite the neighbors over the next time you are grilling a steak.  Did you know that wine consumption has grown considerable over the last few years? So has the craft beer industry, especially here in NY. This could be all a coincidence that the outdoor kitchen and the fire pit have also grown in popularity over the past few years…but I doubt it!!

This coming 2015 warm weather season, you can expect to see outdoor spaces that are more versatile and inviting. New outdoor fabrics create more possibilities for comfort and color splashes to mimic the indoors. Spaces will be more dual-purpose, especially where space is limited.  Fire features of all kinds will be very popular; maybe because they extend the outdoor season a bit longer.. You will see all variations, from rustic fire pits to the classic fireplace, even to old-fashioned pizza ovens and the built-in grill.

We are seeing move towards natural materials versus man-made materials and quality materials versus the less expensive flashier choices. For example, one might choose true stone veneer instead of cultured stone for the façade of the house or a boulder wall or dry-stack stone wall instead of a pre-cast paver Unilock style retaining wall. Savvy homeowners know that good design is essential when going this route. More people are picking up on the sustainability movement and realize that building it right and with durable material pays off better than the quick fix.

Keeping with the environmentally responsible trend, even those in urban areas see the benefits of providing food, water and shelter for migrating birds and native species of all types. This can be done by planting large evergreens for year round shelter or by converting a section of your garden to a wildflower meadow. Some may even go to the extent of adding a beehive or a chicken coop!  Similar to last year, including edible plants in your gardening scheme will continue to be popular (as well as efficient and attractive!)

Get a jump on the season and call Redbud today to get started on a plan to improve your outdoor space.