In the past few years, we’ve noticed our clients telling us a very similar story. The fact is that they absolutely love the location of their home. It might be close to a town they adore, in the ideal school district, or in the same neighborhood as family and friends. But the key element their home is always missing is an outdoor space that really works for them.

The great news is that you don’t have to move to get an outdoor yard design that you truly love. We’ve worked to design spaces that are small and large over many years. The enjoyment our clients receive from those makeovers is robust and long lasting!

Creating an extension of living space to the outdoors is a common request we receive. With careful planning and creativity, we work to incorporate the key features our clients desire. This stunning shaded patio includes plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing in a relatively small footprint:

Sometimes our clients have a large property and want to tie together the indoor spaces with outdoor spaces. This might include a guest house, pool house, or another type of outbuilding. Blending these spaces is one of the things we enjoy most about yard design!

Harmonizing indoor and outdoor spaces to create an extension of the way you use your home and yard is a comprehensive process. We have over two decades of experience creating and building designs that turn houses into dream homes.

One of the most requested features is a custom-designed in-ground pool and the necessary accessories such as patios and fences. We love to take on these types of projects! A pool design is very personal to each client, but also depends on many factors and features of the property it’s being built on. We continue to create pools that make summer our clients’ favorite season of all.

Are you thinking about an outdoor yard design project for your property? We’d love to talk to you about how Redbud can create and build a design you’ll love! Contact us today for more information.