June is here and it feels like we are finally getting some good weather!  It is time to get outside and start enjoying your outdoor spaces. The lawn should be fertilized, the veggies should be planted… so get in the pool!  Crank open the BBQ and get cooking!

Usually this is also the time when you start to look around and realize what works in your space and what does not work.  Sometimes it is just cosmetic and you just need to do some powerwashing and add some colorful plants.  Other times, you realize the space does not function well enough for your needs or you simply want to make improvements.  Maybe with the kids being out of school you realize that having a fence to keep them enclosed is now a good idea or that you really need to do some re-grading and get a larger level area of lawn for play space. Or maybe you realize that you hate spending time outside because you have no shaded space; you need to create shade by building a wooden overhead or possibly some well-placed trees would do the trick.

The possibilities are really endless.  Every family has different needs, different property and different budgets! Let Redbud help you get the best beauty and function for your space and that will meet your budget.  Just as the old saying goes “work smarter, not harder”  we believe that you should “spend smarter, your money goes farther”.