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25 Mar 2021

How To Use Bluestone in Your Landscape Design

Landscape designers all around the country love using different materials to create both functional and beautiful spaces. With so many to choose from it can be like trying to find something to watch on Netflix! But there is one hardscape material that always stands out like one of my favorite movies or TV shows: bluestone…. View Full Article

16 Mar 2021

Things to Consider When Designing Your Pool

Swimming pools have been around for centuries. The very first swimming pool dates back over 5,000 years to the ancient Pakistani city of Mohenjo-daro, which in that time was likely only used for religious purposes. Pools for bathing and recreation were first created by the ancient Greeks and Romans around the 6th century BC, and… View Full Article

08 Mar 2021

COVID and Construction

2020 was a year that we are all trying to forget. It caused many more downs than ups. We yearn for life to return to state of normalcy. Shutdowns and quarantines mean that we are spending more time at home. Stuck at home, we now have time to make the home improvements we have talked… View Full Article

06 Mar 2021

Plants in Landscape Design

The plant world is quite vast to say the least. Similar to artists combining infinite amounts of colors and textures to create their artwork, landscape designers use plants to accomplish the same feat. Trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and annuals are our medium, and their colors, features and textures combine to create a lasting, constantly changing… View Full Article

01 Mar 2021

3D Renderings of your project

One of the valuable tools that we use throughout our design process is the representational 3D renderings produced in SketchUp. These drawings, which are more like photos, have the ability to show our clients a realistic depiction of what their project would look like if it were built tomorrow. The drawings are based off of… View Full Article

27 Feb 2021

Budgeting your project

Budgeting is the next part of the design/build process and is the most important part of any design. Money is not a very popular dinner-time conversation. But providing some insight into how much you are willing to spend allows us to be much more efficient. And you guessed it… saving time saves you money! If… View Full Article

25 Feb 2021

Design Rounds

Your Wish List At the end of the initial design meeting, we present our clients with a typed written proposal which includes our fees and a range of cost for the design work. We base our costs on your wish list, as obviously larger projects require more time. Larger projects have more moving parts, more… View Full Article

23 Feb 2021

The Initial Landscape Design Meeting

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now you’re ready to begin your landscape design project. We begin every project with an initial design meeting which is free of charge. This is the very first stage of your new construction project. Once we select a time and date to meet, we determine the… View Full Article

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