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23 Feb 2021

The Initial Landscape Design Meeting

You’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and now you’re ready to begin your landscape design project. We begin every project with an initial design meeting which is free of charge. This is the very first stage of your new construction project. Once we select a time and date to meet, we determine… View Full Article

01 Oct 2019

2019 Projects: Major Renovation in Cooperstown

We had an amazing summer working on this incredible renovation with one of our clients! This yard in Cooperstown is very large and was a blank slate, filled with potential. The clients had a very long wish list for their project, so several months of planning were involved to get the design ready for construction…. View Full Article

17 Sep 2019

2019 Projects: Outdoor Living Space Shines

This project gave us a wonderful opportunity to have fun with the design—particularly with the colors and special features. The client’s main wish for their outdoor living space was an outdoor kitchen, patio space for dining and general seating that would integrate with the existing hot tub. The outdoor kitchen features both a traditional gas… View Full Article

05 Aug 2019

2019 Projects: A Backyard Designed for Entertaining

One of the biggest requests we get for yard design projects is creating space for our clients to entertain their guests! This client requested an entertainment space for up to 15 people, preferably covered to provide shade from the hot sun. They also desired privacy from current and future neighbors to be naturally woven into… View Full Article

28 Feb 2019

Girls rule! Our amazing design class with Girls Inc.

Girls, Inc.’s mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold is something we truly support. We agree with their belief that empowered women develop into achieving women. So when Professional Women in Building invited us to conduct a hands-on design session with the girls, how could we refuse? Our plan? To show… View Full Article

20 Jul 2018

Interior Home Improvement Projects

Did you know that Redbud Development can also help you with interior home improvement projects?  That is right.  Over winter when the weather is too cold to work outdoors, we shift our focus to the inside. In the last several years, we completed a bathroom and kitchen renovation for a client who originally hired us… View Full Article

22 Sep 2015

Some extra water now will help you later

Fall is the perfect time to re-seed your lawn or plant new trees and shrubs. Not too hot, not too cold. With the dry summer we just had and the very cold temperatures forecasted for winter, now is also the time you should be giving your trees some extra water to help them survive the… View Full Article

16 Jun 2015

Dissecting Custom Design

The adjective “custom”, Merriam Webster dictionary defines as: “made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person”. The word “design” can be used as both a noun and a verb. It is defined by Merriam Webster as (noun) a drawing of something that is being planned or created; and (verb) to create, fashion,… View Full Article

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