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Landscape Design Services

Our Landscape Design Process

Step 1

Let's figure out what you want...

The first step in your design project? Invite us to visit your property. A landscape designer will walk your property and discuss with you your ideas, your lifestyle, your entertaining habits, etc... to get an idea of what you would like. He will also give you some of his own design ideas that you may not have considered before. The initial visit is, of course, free of charge.

Your designer will then send you a landscape design proposal with a summary of the discussion and the defined scope of work. Our landscape and backyard designers will draw up a conceptual sketch and then review it with you; once you are happy it will be finalized in CAD. For more complex site issues, we also have access to a Landscape Architect.

We work together with you to establish the construction budget. The design objective is important but attaining a realistic budget is essential.


Step 2

Assemble the team...

We can collaborate with other design professionals, architects, engineers, interior designers, etc... if needed. We procure firm bids from all sub-contractors and obtain any necessary permits, variances, architectural review board approvals, zoning board of appeal approvals, etc. to make certain the project is built according to local codes.

Step 3

Let's build it...

Redbud strives to build all yard design projects on time and within the budget. The design process minimizes the potential of change orders, though occasionally clients will request a change in materials or on-site modifications are needed.  We schedule and manage all aspects of construction and we ensure a high quality finished product.

Redbud will also acquire for you the appropriate certificates of completion and/or certificates of compliance as required by local codes.

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