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21 Jul 2011

WEED is a four-letter word!

These are nasty things, weeds. There is a reason they are called noxious, whose synonyms include such words as unhealthy, corruptive and detrimental. And yet, the battle goes on… Does anyone ever win the battle against weeds?  Only the most diligent and dedicated warriors can, I assure you.  Many people assume that applying a nice… Read More

23 Jun 2011

Understanding the Value of Design

It can be difficult sometimes to comprehend the value of good design.  Some clients get the concept right away that investing that little bit of time and money NOW will save you so much time, money and frustration LATER. Other clients have already been through a project and learned the lesson the hard way.  So… Read More

14 Jun 2011

Heading to your local nursery?

This time of year most people love to add a splash of color in the front or spruce up a section of the garden with some new plants.  Before you head out to the nursery you should at least take some mental notes and make some general decisions. For example, are you looking for annuals… Read More

26 May 2011

Marigolds…you either love ’em or hate ’em

The popular orange or yellow annual flower… is not one of my personal favorites…but why do so many people plant them? Well, they are native to North America, they are very hardy (Hardiness Zone of 3 to 10), they are deer and rabbit resistant AND they even are said to be insect repellent.  Some species… Read More

23 May 2011

Don’t be Fooled by the Word “Landscape”

Many people assume that “landscape design” or “landscape contractor” is strictly a Come-Plant-Me-Some-Shrubs-Or-Flowers venture.While much time is spent on choosing and arranging the proper plant material for each specific site, I would say that roughly 80% of a typical project is geared toward the hardscape or construction elements and the remaining 20% is embellishment with… Read More

11 May 2011

Redbud in Success Magazine

Redbud Development is once again featured in Success Magazine. Read the full Q&A with Redbud Development owners, Geffrey & Karen Redick. Success Magazine: Geffrey, you graduated from Cornell University with a degree in landscape architecture. Where did you gain your work experience? Geffrey Redick: After school I worked in Glens Falls for Jim Girard Landscape… Read More

11 May 2011

Japanese Maple Transplant

Redbud is currently working on a project where the client wisely decided to try and save a beautiful old Japanese Maple tree.  The tree is approximately 25 feet tall with a head diameter of roughly 25 ft as well.  In order to safely transplant this tree a specialist was consulted.  An enormous whole was dug… Read More

06 May 2011

Wetlands in our Environment

Most people are only slightly aware of the natural world around them; they take for granted the beauty and importance of nature. We are fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the Northeast. The Saratoga and Southern Adirondack region provides ever-changing views of distant hillsides with spectacular lakes, rivers,… Read More

06 May 2011

When to Involve a Landscape Architect: Sooner rather than Later

When designing a new house or renovating an existing home, the design and build process can be lengthy and sometimes overwhelming. Decisions need to be made constantly. The style of home, the square footage, the floor plan and the building materials are usually of the utmost concern. Coupled with the daily requirements of work, family… Read More

06 May 2011

The Landscape of Technology

Gone are the days of simply putting together some plants and grass and calling it a landscape. Today’s landscapes integrate technology along with plant materials in exciting ways, from built-in barbeques, pools, spas and multifunction athletic courts to customized outdoor audio, lighting, security, and irrigation systems. More than being used as a finished element in… Read More

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