Redbud Development Inc. is a landscape construction company specializing in the custom design and quality installation of residential improvement and development projects. With a creative and collaborative approach, we help clients imagine and build exterior environments that connect seamlessly with the interior and reflect their personality and lifestyle.

  • 1 Commerce Park Drive, Wilton, NY 12831
  • 518-691-0428

Buying Local – S2E6: Design & Development, Hand in Hand

In this episode, the Buying Local Podcast host, Mike Nelson interviews Geff Redick, owner of Redbud Development! Redbud’s specialty is improving your living space – not just “adding a pool”, but considering every factor of how you live in and use the space! For any project big or small, Redbud’s thoughtful building acumen impresses every time!

Episode Highlight Time Stamps

00:51 – Do Not Disturb
02:29 – An Introduction to Redbud: Designers AND Builders!
03:30 – Walk With Me: Thoughtful Development
05:58 – Redbud Blooms: An Origin Story
– A Truly Unique Project
11:19 – The Biggest Challenge: Starting Up!
12:32 – Economic Hopscotch
15:03 – What’s Next?
17:18 – Creating the Right Environment from the Start
19:59 – How to Get in Touch
– Closing Remarks

How is what we are building going to make your life better?

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