“To batten down the hatches” is an old nautical saying from the early 19th century.  The ship captain would call for the crew to batten down the hatches as the ship was heading into rough seas.  It is typically used when one is preparing for an emergency situation or facing a great difficulty.

Enter the cold winter season.  There are a few basic precautions you can take to get your house and exterior spaces ready for the cold and snow:

  • Close up the pool and winterize any water features or outdoor kitchens
  • Remove leaves from lawn areas and apply fall fertilization
  • Cut perennials down and protect other delicate plants with plant protectors (those wooden tee pees…)
  • Apply Wilt-Pruf to plants, shrubs, trees and flowers to provide added strength and protection for harsh winter conditions.
  • Clean your gutter and have your chimney cleaned by a professional!
  • Set up a heat trace on roof areas that are prone to ice build-up
  • Mark the location of your propane tank (if underground) with a tall rod so it can be found in deep snow conditions
  • Finalize your snow removal contracts or make sure your snow blower is serviced