I just love groundcovers.  They are so diverse, versatile and economical too!

There are hundreds of varieties available for full sun and full shade locations and everywhere in between (depending upon your climate Zone).  There are evergreen varieties, flowering varieties (in so many colors) and even groundcovers that tolerate being tread upon.  You can use groundcovers as a border on a planting bed, as fillers in between stepping stones, as a colorful accent on a rock wall, or combine them creatively to cover large areas to suppress weed growth.  There are even some with tenacious roots that can help prevent erosion on steep banks.

Some people even prefer groundcovers as a practical alternative to grass as their lawn because they require much less maintenance and provide a more interesting appearance; there are various leaf colors, textures and shapes.  When planting your groundcovers, you want to leave enough room for them to spread.

Some of my favorites are : all kinds of sedums, lamium maculatum, creeping phlox, Irish moss, and catmint – just to name a few. My choices are limited somewhat up here in the Northeast by temperature extremes so I really need to choose plants tolerant to Zone 4.