The popular orange or yellow annual flower… is not one of my personal favorites…but why do so many people plant them? Well, they are native to North America, they are very hardy (Hardiness Zone of 3 to 10), they are deer and rabbit resistant AND they even are said to be insect repellent.  Some species have a musky scent that, according to anecdotal evidence, helps keep the mosquitoes and flies away from your deck or patio.

Marigolds are used in food colorings and as medicinal teas around the world. They are, however, considered to be a noxious invasive plant – possibly why so many people wisely use them as potted plants.

But I just don’t think they are that pretty…maybe from a distance and in large groupings… But to each his own, right?  They just look so much like carnations which bring back bad memories of high school dance corsages…  Go to our Facebook page and let us know what you think of Marigolds.