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22 Apr 2013

Happy Earth Day!

We only have the one Mother Earth and we need to take care of her.  There are so many different ways you can contribute.  Pick an element that is important to you: water, air, plants, animals…all of them need help. Today is a great day to teaching your kids to appreciate the world around them… View Full Article

11 Feb 2013

Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show

Join us at the Saratoga Springs City Center, March 1-3, for this year’s Home Show sponsored by the Rotary.  Come see wonderful displays of products for your home, both inside and out.  Get some new ideas, meet the suppliers and the contractors, and compare.  For a $1 Coupon off the price of admission, visit www.rotaryhomeshow.com.

11 Jan 2013

We Love Cornell Cooperative Extension!

Geff attended another one of CCE’s continuing education training programs yesterday where he received a refresher course on native and invasive plants, using native plants for stormwater management, sustainability planning using such methods as green roofs, open meadows, lawn substitutes.  New technologies were also discussed: permeable pavement, structural soil, and the bio-swale area.  Good stuff!

28 Dec 2012

Don’t Get Shut Down!

Many homeowners – and some contractors – are not always aware of the numerous code requirements and regulations that pertain to their particular location and project. This can lead to your project being shut down until you meet all requirements set forth by your particular governing body. You MUST do your research EARLY to determine… View Full Article

16 Nov 2012

Last Chance for Fall Bulbs!

Around here, the general rule of “green” thumb is that Thanksgiving weekend is your latest you want to get those bulbs in the ground.So if you want that early burst of color this spring from Tulips and Daffodils this may be your last chance! You will be busy next weekend shopping with Black Friday and… View Full Article

20 Sep 2012

Get Winterized!

While we still have a few weekends left of fairly warm weather, here is a list of chores: Have the chimney cleaned Service the furnace Cover the air conditioning unit Protect your delicate plants (fallen leaves and burlap works well) Apply your Fall fertilizer to the lawn If needed, now is the time to transplant… View Full Article

02 Jul 2012

Collaboration in Playground Design

At Redbud, we always tell our clients that collaboration is key.  We encourage open communication with clients and any other interested party such as an architect, interior designer, builder, etc.But imagine the task of open communication with 800 children on designing their new playground!! This is process that has been perfected over many years in… View Full Article

28 Jun 2012

Greenfield Farmers Market!

(Greenfield, NY)  After four successful seasons of growth, the Town of Greenfield Historical Society is proud to announce the season opening of the Greenfield Farmers Market on June 29, 2012. The Farmers Market will run every Friday from 4:00-7:00PM in Middle Grove Park on Middle Grove Road through the first week in October.   The market will… View Full Article

08 Jun 2012

Types of Projects We Do

So many times people tell us ” I didn’t realize you did that kind of work too.” Redbud is not your typical landscape contractor.  We do all kinds of specialty work.  For example, on a recent job we were asked to relocate a driveway and line it with cobble, correct some drainage issues, build some… View Full Article

22 May 2012


I just love groundcovers.  They are so diverse, versatile and economical too! There are hundreds of varieties available for full sun and full shade locations and everywhere in between (depending upon your climate Zone).  There are evergreen varieties, flowering varieties (in so many colors) and even groundcovers that tolerate being tread upon.  You can use… View Full Article

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