So many times people tell us ” I didn’t realize you did that kind of work too.”
Redbud is not your typical landscape contractor.  We do all kinds of specialty work.  For example, on a recent job we were asked to relocate a driveway and line it with cobble, correct some drainage issues, build some classic stone walls. Then, not so typically, the client asked us to re-point the chimney and change out the chimney caps to match the Champlain Granite used on the new front stoop we built.  This small request turned into a carefully coordinated maneuver involving a mason, a 90 ft. crane and an 80 ft. boom lift.  See pictures here:

As you can see in the completed chimney caps there are some new courses of brick added to elevate the caps.  This brick were chosen to match the existing and will quickly age to look as if it was original to the house.