It can be difficult sometimes to comprehend the value of good design.  Some clients get the concept right away that investing that little bit of time and money NOW will save you so much time, money and frustration LATER. Other clients have already been through a project and learned the lesson the hard way.  So many times we are called in a year or two after work has been done by the “least expensive” contractor to fix and replace their work. It makes you wonder if they have ever heard the old adage “Do it right the first time”.

Why is it so hard to comprehend the monetary and aesthetic value of good design?  Not just landscape design, but all design.  I am sure that architects, interior designers and even engineers experience this conundrum.
The root of this this problem most likely lies in the concept of “design”.  Most people already have a good idea/image in their mind of what they want, so to spend money for someone to simply draw that idea on a paper seems extravagant and without merit. That would be true if that is all there was to design. 

In reality, the design process is much more complex and comprehensive so that the resulting construction process is that much more uncomplicated and efficient.  All the salient details are considered so that local codes are complied with, construction details are not overlooked, the appropriate materials are chosen and the subcontractors are not duplicating efforts. 

For those contractors that do not do such a thorough job, of course their “number” is going to be lower, but so is their quality, and in the end, so will the client’s bank account!  To borrow a quote from one of our colleagues, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait to see how much an amateur is going to cost you!”